ICEP 2025


Welcome Address

Dear ICEP Community and Friends,

The Environmental Psychology Research Centre team, in collaboration with the Institute of Psychology at Mykolas Romeris University, is excited to host the biannual International Conference on Environmental Psychology on 15-18 June 2025 and welcome you to the historic city of Vilnius, a UNESCO world heritage site and European Green Capital for 2025.

ICEP 2025 will continue the legacy of previous environmental psychology conferences in Aarhus, Syracuse, Plymouth, and A Coruna, as well as in Groningen, Magdeburg, and Zurich organized under the auspices of the Environmental Psychology Division of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP). ICEP 2025 will continue to share the most recent empirical outcomes and theoretical developments of environmental psychology science.

This conference serves as a global standard for experienced academics, emerging researchers, and professionals in environmental psychology. In 2025, ICEP welcomes scholars from diverse fields interested in the relationship between people and the environment, whether it be topics from the classical line of environmental psychology or issues related to recent global challenges such as the climate crisis. The conference aims to enhance discourse and interdisciplinary cooperation between psychological science and other domains like economics, marketing, architecture, geography, and natural sciences with the goal of strengthening connections between environmental research and policy.

ICEP 2025 is enthusiastically supported by the Rector of Mykolas Romeris University and the Mayor of Vilnius Municipality as well as eagerly awaited by many professionals from the region, working in environmental psychology or related domains. The conference will bring together keen colleagues and experts from around the globe who specialise in behavioural, social, and environmental science. By nurturing professional networks and facilitating knowledge exchange among academics and practitioners representing environmental psychology and related fields, the ICEP community can address the issues the world is currently facing and facilitate much-needed transformational processes.

Following the high standards set in previous ICEP events, the local organisers of ICEP 2025 are dedicated to keeping up with sustainability standards as much as possible. By informing our guests about the sustainable options for travelling to Lithuania and locally, by serving environmentally friendly meals (vegan, vegetarian from local producers when possible), by reducing waste to a minimum and if impossible providing recycling facilities, by refusing bottled water, and by providing online options to observe the conference, we will celebrate the values of the ICEP community and the host organisation.

We are eagerly waiting to meet you all  in June 2025!

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee,

Rita Žukauskienė (Chair) PhD, professor, Head of the Applied Psychology Research Laboratory

Audra Balundė (Co-chair) PhD, Head of Environmental Psychology Research Centre